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IRS taxes due
Tuesday, April 18, 2023
  Accountants In Action, LLC

Accounting, payroll and tax services — before, during and after tax season
(formerly Advanced Business, Inc.)
Tax, Accounting and Payroll Services...all year
• QuickBooks© Certified ProAdvisor
Client-site business services
Business client staff training
• Taxing Authority Representation
Zoom© meetings
(586) 758-4630 Ask about evening, Saturday, and remote appointments (586) 758-4630
Accountants In Action, LLC,
is here for you...
to prepare your tax returns, manage your payroll records, and provide business records management.
Accountants In Action, LLC, provides taxation expertise to the individual, small business, self-employed, and retired, throughout the year—before, during and after tax season.

If you need advice on ways to manage your current and future tax liabilities, we're here to discuss those options with you, as well as...
- Tax planning and tax return preparation
- Tax effects of buying or selling a business
- Taxing Authority Representation (IRS audit)

Our services extend beyond tax return preparation and planning—we also provide year-round payroll and accounting services.

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for your tax filing.

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Complete the contact form and get this tax records checklist.
In the past year, did you...
  • Decide to file separately from spouse?
  • Receive unemployment benefits?
  • Welcome new family members?
  • Sell or purchase a home?
  • Earn child care credits?
  • Have kids in college?
  • Accrue investments?
  • Earn energy credits?
  • Pay property taxes?
  • Pay medical bills?

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Accountants In Action, LLC, is available to provide small business accounting services via Zoom online or at your location.

We can also train your staff in accounting procedures with the aid of the QuickBooks accounting software application.

Contact us to learn more about these services.
Let Advanced Business, Inc., help you with your business needs.
Accounting Services

• Small Business Start-Up Expert (Corporation and LLC)

QuickBooks© Certified ProAdvisor

Bookkeeping services—monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual

Client-site bookkeeping services

Staff training via Zoom or client-site

Stephen gets my thumbs up! He's the best! He is so knowledgeable and willing to answer my questions. He always returns my calls and texts. I have recommended him to others over the years, and they also appreciate his work. — Althea
Weekly, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly payroll distribution

Payroll tax filings—quarterly and annually

IRS and State payroll withholdings

W-2 and 1099 tax documents

Payroll Management
Accountants In Action, LLC, also provides payroll management services and support. As a small business owner, you want to concentrate on servicing your customers, but you also want to provide your employees with a payroll system that is reliable, efficient and easy to use.

We can help you with payroll solutions that are personalized to meet your specific needs, including:
  • Customized reports
  • Retirement savings
  • Garnishments
  • Employee direct deposit
  • Connections with your chosen financial carriers
  • Integration of accounting software application with payroll expenses and tax preparation

We can provide these services at your location. We can also arrange to provide your staff with training in QuickBooks accounting software and payroll administration.

Stephen Stansell
Accountants In Action, LLC, is a professional tax preparation and business consulting service owned and managed by Stephen Stansell.

"I enjoy serving my clients," said Stephen. "I especially enjoy answering questions and concerns regarding their taxes, particularly due to the economic challenges of the pandemic, people are so stressed out and worried about money-related matters."

Stephen added, "I also enjoy the opportunity to meet people from various cities throughout Michigan — Detroit, Redford, Romulus, Roseville, Warren, West Bloomfield, and other cities. And, of course, I'm happy to help people who live in outreaching areas of Michigan, as well as anyone out of state."

Stephen has extended his reach by meeting with clients via Zoom©.* "Of course, I love meeting with people in person. But many people are trying to limit their physical contact because of Covid-19. So I am happy to have remote meetings with my clients by phone, Zoom or phone video, if they prefer—as well as in person." Stephen also offers assistance or training in QuickBooks©** recordkeeping skills.

Stephen Stansell is a graduate of Walsh College, a premier business college in Michigan. He has more than 20 years experience as a Certified Tax Preparer, and he is a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor.

Give Stephen a call today. He's here to help you with your individual, family and business tax preparation, accounting and payroll needs.

28000 Van Dyke Rd. #103
Warren, MI 48093

 (586) 758-4630

Ask for Stephen

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Accountants In Action, LLC
28000 Van Dyke #103, Warren, MI 48093
at the northeast cross-section of Van Dyke
and Martin Roads (across from gas station)
Parking lot and east entrance
off Martin Road at the back of the building

See map below
Zoom © — an online video conferencing tool often used for live meetings.
Intuit QuickBooks © — an accounting software package designed to serve as a record management system for organizing bills, business transactions, and payroll functions.
Call (586) 758-4630 for help with your tax, accounting or payroll concerns.
While in our facility, please be prepared to practice Covid precautionary measures. Thank you for your cooperation.

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